Emmanouil Karampahtsis, N.M.D.

Meet Dr. Karampahtsis

Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis is an N.M.D. or a doctor of naturopathic medicine. He loves helping patients feel better with natural, nonsurgical treatment options that incorporate regenerative, orthomolecular, and biological medicine.

Dr. Karampahtsis has used therapies, such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, intravenous nutrient therapies, and injections of homeopathic and biological medicine. He also has recently started regenerative injection therapies and implemented different technologies that support the vitality of the body. Dr. Karampahtsis has been treating chronic degenerative conditions and endocrine imbalances and provides anti-cancer treatments and supportive therapies. He also developed an award-winning product called ProlifeStream that supports many key functions of the body.

Lipogenex's founder Dr. Karampahtsis has been the medical director for several practices in the Valley, overseeing and performing different procedures, such as administration of dermal fillers, BOTOX®, lipo-dissolve, weight loss, laser hair removal, IPL treatments, plasma skin resurfacing, spider vein removal, Accent XL volumetric thermotherapy, medical-grade chemical peels, and many others. He's been in the anti-aging, regenerative, and aesthetic medical practice for the past 14 years, and his main focus remains on treating the whole body and the whole person.


Dr. Karampahtsis graduated with honors from honor college at Adelphi University (Garden City, NY) in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Following his undergraduate degree, he continued his education at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated with a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Since then, he has worked in the industry. To stay on top of the latest research, Dr. Karampahtsis attends several seminars, conferences, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one training sessions in different natural therapeutics, homeopathy, biological medicine, aesthetic, anti-aging medicine, and bioidentical hormone balancing. He remains fascinated with new techniques and all aspects of medicine that can contribute to better well-being and optimal health.

Specialties and Expertise

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis has years of experience managing and treating medical and aesthetic concerns with alternative therapies. He can help with a range of medical issues and help your body age without pain or other chronic problems. We offer treatments for gut health, menopause symptoms, cancer, adrenal fatigue, and allergies. Dr. Karampahtsis can create a plan that incorporates human growth hormone treatment, biological medicine, and detox programs if you have difficulty losing weight. He also performs cosmetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, laser hair removal, IPL photofacials, spider vein removal, medical-grade chemical peels, and many others.


"Love this practice.  Wonderful Doctor. Skilled.....great with the needle!I trust no one else, I have been seeing him for years, zero complaints, fair prices"



"I found out about this place from a Groupon purchase and I’ve never been more happy! Great customer service across the board! The facial technician Natalie is amazing and genuine. She really cares and does amazing facial work that is specified to your needs.The injection specialist doctors are so nice and helpful too! I’d definitely recommend going here if you haven’t already. I’ll for sure be going back myself."



"Thursday, January 11, 20181:03 PMI can’t rave enough about  Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis & his staff at Lipogenex (Danielle, Kelly, Rachel, etc). They are absolutely wonderful!  Dr. Karampahtsis has been a primary care physician to my family for close to 3 years now, and he has provided my family with excellent medical care to find, reverse, manage, and prevent health conditions using both natural and traditional mainstream treatment protocols, and traditional and cutting-edge diagnostic methods.  We even fly to AZ from out-of-state to treat with Dr. Karampahtsis because he’s that good!  We have personally experienced excellent results under Dr. Karampahtsis’ medical care.  Dr.  Karampahtsis cured Lyme Disease symptoms (from specifically Bartonella co-infection) and reversed autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s).  He found very elevated levels of lead and other heavy metal toxicity, and significantly reduced those levels using gentle methods.  Dr. Karampahtsis is unbeatable at balancing endocrine hormones.  He uses traditional blood testing as well as DUTCH tests to check endocrine levels + function, and brought thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and male/female hormone imbalances to optimal levels using natural, alternative methods as well as prescription meds according to our preference.  He also uses progressive, non-invasive and affordable alternative diagnostic tests such as Thermography (whole body) and Max pulse (heart and cardiovascular) to detect abnormalities in organ function, inflammation, toxicity, pathogen levels, etc.  He helped us address any abnormalities so they don’t develop into clinical conditions.  We have definitely benefitted from Dr. Karampahtsis’ commitment to constantly educating himself and investing in the latest diagnostic + treatment protocols, products + tools, attending medical/health conferences and lectures, getting certified in various modalities, etc. so that his patients get the most effective and safest medical care from him.   Dr. Karampahtsis is very skilled at helping people incorporate healthy habits and lifestyle choices into their lives so they enjoy good health in both the short and long-term.  Dr. Karampahtsis’ staff are all excellent and very sweet and responsive, always taking care of us in a friendly, professional, competent, and thoughtful manner.  Dr. Karampahtsis is an amazing, intelligent, upstanding, trustworthy, considerate and thoughtful doctor who has supported and enhanced almost every aspect of our lives.  We have trusted him with the most important things in our lives, and he has come through time and time again.  We are very fortunate to have Dr. Karampahtsis and Lipogenex be such an integral help to our lives!"



"What a pleasant follow up visit at Dr. K’s office today for a health consultation and a spa treatment. One place stop and you get all your needs met about your health and aesthetics. For the first time ever, I tried a photo facial by Natalie and the experience was amazing. Natalie was very thorough, and professional. Her calming personality and attentiveness made my experience even more relaxing and wonderful. Also, she is very thorough with laser hair removal and no pain. Looking forward to my next visit in six weeks. Thank you Dr. K and Natalie for another outstanding visit."



"I’ve been getting laser hair removal treatments from Kelly and she is the best!! Very professional and sweet.Definitely recommend booking your laser hair removal appointments with Kelly!"



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