Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis

Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis, also known as Dr. Manolis, graduated with honors from the Honor’s College of Adelphi University (Garden City, NY) in 1998 with a BA in psychology. Immediately, he was accepted by three of the naturopathic medical schools and continued his education at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ (www.scnm.edu). He graduated in 2003 with the degree of doctor of naturopathic medicine. He engaged in an approved preceptorship for eight months until he passed the national boards and received his license in 2004. He has been in private practice ever since.

Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis


Dr. Karampahtsis received extended medical training while in practice. He has attended several seminars, conferences, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one training sessions in different fields of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, bio-identical hormone balancing, and biological medicine. He received several certifications on performing procedures, such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, mesotherapy and bio-mesotherapy, as well as in the use of lasers in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Karampahtsis has been the medical director for several locations in the valley overseeing and performing different procedures, such as administration of dermal fillers, Botox, lipodissolve, weight loss, laser hair removal, photofacials, plasma skin resurfacing, spider vein removal, Accent XL volumetric thermotherapy, medical-grade chemical peels, and many other. He is currently registered for credentialing with NPBAM (Naturopathic Board of Aesthetic Medicine) and has completed the first level of their training. He is also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and registered practitioner of the Wiley Protocol.

Although Dr. Karampahtsis has been in the aesthetic medical practice for the past four years, his main focus remains on treating the whole body and the whole person. Every treatment plan developed by him, and every consultation, is performed with this in mind. His goal is to educate his patients and clients, listen to their concerns, and treat them accordingly. He frequently uses the words, “we create beauty on the surface, as well as restore health at the same time.”

His personality and charisma have touched many people around him. He has been called by many of his clients, patients, and co-workers a very passionate, gentle, and sympathetic physician that stays on the cutting edge in every aspect of medicine that is involved.