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About Laser Acne Treatment

Patients usually grow up hearing that beauty isn't everything. Still, as we age, we start to see that our looks do have a big impact on our success. Acne is one of the many things that affect your potential to feel self-confident. Individuals who get acne sometimes have painful whiteheads or infected bumps on their face, their collarbone, top of the back, shoulders, chest, and upper arms and thighs. It might significantly affect your life, not only from a cosmetic viewpoint but from a psychological one, too. If you have tried many medications, ointments, or serums but nothing seems to provide relief, acne laser therapy with Harmony XL PRO may work great for your skin. After completing their procedures, a lot of our Scottsdale, AZ patients see significant improvements in their skin and feel delighted with the results.

Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center proudly provides advanced laser procedures that help reduce active acne. We encourage you to reach out and receive more details about our laser acne treatments and schedule an appointment. We want to help our patients feel confident about themselves!

What to expect from laser acne treatment

We will start by completing a consultation to ensure this treatment works well for you. According to the severity of your acne, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis can determine the number of sessions you need. Often, individuals need 3 – 6 visits to experience smoother skin.

During your appointment, we will ask you to sit on a comfortable treatment chair and numb your skin to reduce discomfort. Once you're ready, a team member will gently move the device over your complexion. After the treatment, patients may have redness, swelling, and slight irritation. Based on the treatment area, we recommend not using skin care products for 24 hours. In addition, you need to avoid any lengthy UV exposure. Generally, you can see results after 24 – 48 hours.

Clearer Skin in 4 - 6 sessions

If you have painful blackheads and have used many medications that were not successful, our group encourages you to feel great about your skin by calling our Scottsdale, AZ office. Don't let acne prevent you from feeling confident. Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center can help you get the smooth skin you have always wished for. To receive more information about laser treatments for mild to severe acne, please call our Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center office and schedule a consultation.

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