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What is Renuvion J-Plasma?

Renuvion J-Plasma is a noninvasive alternative to a facelift that treats a variety of common skin concerns associated with aging. As a result of treatment, you’ll experience:

  • Significant reduction of deep wrinkles and lines across your face

  • Reduced lip lines (smoker’s lines)

  • Tighter skin around the eyes, lips, jawline, and cheeks

  • Reduction in forehead lines and wrinkles including crow’s feet around the eyes

  • Improvement in lower face wrinkles to achieve a natural glow

  • Erasure of freckles and age spots

  • Diminished scarring and uneven coloration

During your consultation at the practice, you can find out how your sun-damaged skin may be restored to a youthful, beautiful smoothness.

Talk to Dr. Karampahtsis about your skin concerns to find out if Renuvion J-Plasma skin resurfacing is right for you.

What should I expect from Renuvion J-Plasma treatment?

After your free consultation to determine if Renuvion J-Plasma is for you, you come to the office for a 2-hour session. You receive local anesthetic injections to reduce discomfort.

You receive all post-treatment care instructions before the plasma is applied. Be sure to have a friend or family member to drive you home.

Recovery is relatively swift, as your skin heals naturally over the course of 3-7 days. You can return to all normal activities within 12-14 days.

Plan to take time off work during this recovery time so your skin can heal properly without the risk of infection. You’ll have redness, swelling, and tightness during this time.

For a revolutionary skin-resurfacing procedure, call Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center or book a free consultation online to hear about J-Plasma.

How does Renuvion J-Plasma work?

The innovative technology energizes helium gas so its atoms and molecules separate in a process called ionization. The resulting negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged ions pass over treatment areas. Skin tightens as collagen development is stimulated.

The delivery of the cool plasma treats your skin from the outside by causing old, damaged layers to peel off and reveal fresh, youthful skin.

The energy can also be applied subdermally (under the skin) to achieve additional tightening. The effects are the same as those achieved with a surgical eyelid lift or facelift.

Renuvion FAQ

Does Renuvion hurt?

Most patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure because we will numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic before we begin; however, some patients may experience mild discomfort. At Lipogenex Anti-Aging Spa, we do our utmost to ensure our patients’ comfort during all of our procedures.

How long does a Renuvion session take?

Most Renuvion sessions take about two hours at Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center.

When will I see results with Renuvion?

Optimal results are typically seen within 4 – 6 months after the recovery period as the new collagen improves the overall look of your skin.

How long do the results from Renuvion last?

Many patients can see their improvements from Renuvion last up to 3 – 5 years with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a regular skin care regimen.

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