Regulation Thermography

Just Imagine if you could find issues, disease or dysfunctions that the doctors you have been going to are unable to find. How figuring out why these doctors are telling you everything is normal when you know something is not right.

Regulation thermography is a method of whole body assessment that works as a diagnostic aid for physicians. It is a safe, non-invasive way to detect inflammations, blockages, possible toxins or damaged cells even before they are a severe problem. Regulation thermography tells us about the health of the body by measuring temperature changes at specific points on the skin. It has been found that the health of an organ impacts the health of the skin overlying it, meaning that if we detect irregularities in the skin (in this case measured by temperature changes) it gives us insight into the pathology that may be affecting the underlying structure.

Why Thermography

  • Alternative to Mammogram: Detects abnormalities 4 years earlier!
  • Non Invasive procedure.
  • No Radiation.
  • Detects hidden, underlying dysfunction and disease.
  • Assists in the determination of all organs’ overall health.
  • Affordable!


Learn about the many ways that Regulation Thermography can assist you in finding the underlying issues you have. Visit our exclusive Regulation Thermography website for more information!