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About RF Microneedling

At Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsis utilizes a treatment known as radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to help improve the appearance of his patients' skin. RF technology is well-known in the aesthetics industry for skin tightening effects. This specific treatment utilizes heat and microneedling to encourage the production of collagen, which creates a tighter, smoother complexion. At Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center, we often incorporate RF microneedling by Accent Prime into our patients' skin regimens to encourage healthier skin that looks smoother and feels softer.


Microneedling utilizes a tool (with tiny needles at the end) that's rolled gently against the skin to make micro-injuries and stimulate the production of collagen. As the skin begins to heal, new skin forms, leaving your skin tighter and smoother. Although the microneedling process is commonly completed by itself, combining this innovative technique with radiofrequency technologies has allowed us to maximize the outcomes.

During your appointment, the handheld device emits short pulses of RF energy through a collection of 25 sterile, gold-plated microneedles. The power is delivered via the needles, which simultaneously punctures your skin and returns the electrodes to the skin. The RF energy heats at levels that encourage lasting benefits.

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If you want to reduce the appearance of sun damage, aging skin, acne scars, wrinkles, or laxity, RF microneedling is a great treatment with proven results. Combining radiofrequency microneedling and skin tightening, this exceptional skin rejuvenation treatment has increased in popularity and continues to be a popular, minimally invasive therapy for our Scottsdale, AZ patients. We invite you to call Lipogenex Anti-Aging Center to find out more.

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