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20% Off All Laser Solutions

October Annual Laser Solutions Sale

October Annual Laser Solutions Sale - 20% off all laser solutions!

At Lipogenex we strive to stay on top of the most advanced technology to offer the best aesthetic treatments and the best results to our clients. While we believe that health and beauty starts from the inside out, there are treatments with new technology and combination treatments that can help enhance the integrity of the skin and stimulate production of collagen and elastin that can increase your anti-aging results. We believe that in order to feel good we need to keep up with our health but many times improving our appearance can have a tremendous impact on how we feel and on our motivation to make further changes.

Even though the combination treatments that we provide are numerous and individualized, this October we are making an attempt to offer Laser treatment solutions to different conditions and have an annual sale that you can take advantage to achieve the results that you would like to see.

Our newest addition is our Quantificare 3D photography system with skin analysis. This new system allows us to have reproducible before and after pictures that allow us to measure the changes on the skin or body whether positive or not. We can quantify improvement on the skin texture such as lines, wrinkles and scars, pigment and inflammation issues, as well as volume changes.

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PRP with RF Micro-needling at Lipogenex!

PRP with RF Micro-needling

Skin Revitalization: PRP with RF Micro-needling

Want skin tightening results without the downtime?

PRP RF Micro

RF Micro-needling is designed to be a less invasive procedure that requires a series of treatments to target fine lines, dark spots, scars, and tighten skin. Combined with PRP you can achieve longer lasting results, smoothing effects, and amplify collagen synthesis.

Save $200 on one PRP with RF Micro-needling treatment, or save $750 on three treatments!

One per customer/transaction & cannot be combined with other offers. Customer assumes risk liability for procedures.

Revit Rx Serum special at Lipogenex!

Revit Rx Serum

Revit Rx

Correct the signs of aging with the silky, Revit Rx clinical strength trans-retinol serum! Jam packed with antioxidants (bakuchiol, licorice, & green tea) to nourish your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, blemishes, sun damage & discoloration. Buy online and save $25!

With every online purchase, you're automatically entered to win a free $600 RF Micro-needling treatment!

One per customer/transaction & cannot be combined with other offers. Customer assumes risk liability for procedures.