Barbara M.

“I began my treatments with Dr Karampahtsis in Nov 07. My weight was not going down and my diet was no longer working. I had a lot more inches than I wanted. Since the end of Nov 07 until the end of May 08 I have lost 12 1/2 lbs and a total inch loss of 11 1/2. My largest inch loss was my abdomen at 2 1/2 and my thighs at 1 1/4 each. Even my knees lost 1 1/4 each. Dr K. has taught me so much about how I got the way I was.

Some things somehow slip to the back of your brain and need jogging back out. Dr K is a very caring doctor and wants the best for his patients; he trys different approaches to get the result you want and to reach your goal. Thank you for all of your help to get me to my new body. Anyone that chooses you as their doctor, will truly be getting a wonderful physician. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall for some more.


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