Claudia S.

“I met Dr. Karampahtsis around three years ago where I was working at the time; he was the medical director of that office. After work one day, I asked him if he could help me with the problems I was having. I was suffering with really bad hot flashes, night sweats, nausea and bloating. Dr. Karampahtsis prescribed a hormone balancing cream which worked great and had me feeling better within a few weeks.

Now that I was feeling better, I also wanted to look better. I asked Dr. Karampahtsis, who is skilled in aesthetic medicine, if he could reduce the creases around my mouth. He recommended that I try Restylane. The results were amazing. Next thing I wanted was a treatment that can reduce cellulite and firm at the same time. He tells me about this device called the Accent XL and goes on to explain about what it does and how it works. I have just finished my third treatment with the Accent XL, and I can’t believe in my eyes; the cellulite has lessened, and my thighs are firmer they’ve been in years. This device is fabulous and it does much more than just thighs. As for Dr. Karampahtsis, thank you, thank you for all your help.”


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* Testimonials are from our actual patients. As with any medical condition results may vary from patient to patient.