Janene H.

When I came to see Dr. K I was a desperate mess; aging way beyond my years and my lifestyle. None of it made sense. I had eaten well and exercised all my life. But there I was at age 43 and I could barely walk up the stairs to his office. No energy. Unrelenting nerve and muscle pain. A foggy head. Skin sagging from my bones.

The medical doctors, MDs, I had seen all had their own “theories/diagnoses,” the main one being fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome. I was told to accept the idea that every day for the rest of my life would be like having the flu. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for me except try to control the pain with pills and injections.

Faced with becoming a pathetic, non-functioning pill junkie, I prayed, meditated and bargained with my Higher Power to lead me to some real help. I started researching anti-aging medicine and in the process found Dr. K’s Lipogenex website. I had never given much thought to naturopathic medicine, it all seemed a little “California fruit- and nut-like” but there I was at the point of nothing to lose and possibly my life to re-gain.

Dr. K took a great deal of time listening to my litany of complaints. At first, I gave him the abbreviated version for fear of being viewed as a “hypochondriac,” as I had been termed by some “friends” and family members. Dr. K was and always has been compassionate, patient and good humored.

Things didn’t turn around overnight. But with Dr. K’s guidance, we began the slow process of re-building me from the inside out. Lab results confirmed my need for vitamin/mineral/anti-oxidant supplements, bio-identical hormones, natural thyroid replacement, and cortisol for my adrenals. He also gave me shots of natural substances (Zeel, Traumeel, etc.) to ease the inflammation, pain and muscle spasms. These shots quickly resolved an excruciatingly painful frozen shoulder that had perplexed MDs for nearly a year. Slowly I got stronger.

Eventually I was strong enough to tackle one of our biggest concerns: heavy metals. A urine test showed toxic levels of mercury and lead in my system. I turned to a trusted dentist to remove the 14 amalgam fillings and 2 corroding crowns from my mouth. Throughout the process of dental work, I worked closely with Dr. K, relying on his guidance for proper chelation of heavy metals using DMSA captomer pills. Initially, I got worse before getting better. The “fibro-flares” kicked in hard, leaving my muscles severely spasmed and my body and mind severely fatigued.. But I stuck to Dr K’s advice and each round of dental work was easier on my body than the previous.

A couple of months later, still taking rounds of captomer, I found myself feeling normal for the first time in years. I celebrated by taking surfing lessons in San Diego and began hiking again. The following month I further celebrated my greater improvement by backpacking the Grand Canyon. Hard to believe that in a year+ of working with Dr. K I progressed from nearly needing a cane to walk and being condemned to a life-time flu to surfing, backpacking and living life to the fullest.

I still see Dr. K for routine stuff to ensure my health is up to par. I’m happy to report that all my lab work is in the normal/above normal ranges. Most importantly, my body tells me that all is well. As the saying goes, you can catch a cold but you can’t catch wellness; it’s something you have to work at. Thank you for working with me Dr. K and Christine (office manager)! My eternal love and gratitude to you both.

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