I’ve never written a testimonial but I am compelled to tell everyone about Dr K and how he helped change my life.

Losing weight has always been a losing battle for me; however, today I feel like a new person because I finally “WON THE BATTLE”.

I have tried so many different programs over the years and when I first heard about HCG, I was very skeptical. So I was reassured when I found out Dr. K is a medical doctor.

I started the HCG program; followed Dr. K’s instructions and I have lost over 30 pounds and I did it in 6 weeks.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done for me and Thank You for helping me find the real me!

I would ask anyone who is reading this to ask yourself:
“What do you have to Lose by just speaking with him?”


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* Testimonials are from our actual patients. As with any medical condition results may vary from patient to patient.